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TopTec IT Recruiting & Staffing is an Information Technology services provider, recruiting nationwide across multiple industries to find and place top technical professionals.

You may remember us from our former company, Ryan Recruiting, based in Orange County, CA.  After taking time off to reorganize, we have launched our new company, TopTec IT Recruiting & Staffing, to provide exceptional recruiting and placement services for both new clients and job seekers.

Working in the IT industry since 2000, and having had some success with virtual recruiting, we will now provide both onsite and virtual sourcing and placement of top-level IT candidates in major markets throughout the United States.  We will deliver top technical talent, working hard to build strong relationships with business owners, partnering with them to achieve their business and professional goals by matching highly qualified candidates with their business requirements.  We offer contingency, retained and contract staffing services designed to meet specific hiring and staffing needs.
Our business is built on the trust of our clients and candidates and we are honest and fair with everyone we work with.  Contact us today and let us help you find, hire and retain your next great consultant or employee.

Welcome Employers!  
At TopTec IT Recruiting & Staffing, finding, hiring and retaining top technical talent for your business is our highest priority. We will work hard to earn your trust and respect by consistently sourcing and matching the highest-caliber candidates for your open jobs. We recruit across all major industries to find and place IT professionals who will drive financial value and ROI for your company. Whether you're filling short-term or senior-level management positions, you can count on us to work hard to promptly source and deliver top-notch talent. For detailed information see our Employers page and Why TopTec IT page.

On the Contact Us page, give us your job requirements for contract, permanent or temporary positions and, after conferring with you, we will promptly source and present qualified candidates for your consideration. Or, if you would like a phone interview or a virtual online meeting, please phone us at 760 868-3096.

Contact us today and we will work with you to fulfill your present and future staffing goals.
Welcome Job Seekers!

Whether you're out of work, stuck in a job rut or looking for your next great career move, you've come to the right place. We're ready to assist you in your job search. We will take you though the entire search-to-hire process. This begins with our initial phone screen with you and moves on to reviewing your job goals, to assisting you in crafting a compelling resume, to the client interview, to negotiating salary and finally to your accepting a job offer. And all at no cost to you.

We submit you only for jobs that match your skills and experience, improving your chances of an interview leading to a hire. Consultant or employee, we will work hard to find and place you in a rewarding, profitable position. For more information and application instructions see our Job Seekers page.

Let us help you now with your next major career move.

Contact us today and we'll start working with you to place you in your next, great job or consulting position.
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